The project called Rolla is a package consisting of an electric scooter, a charging station and an application, designed and created by IDDI. The Rolla package is a symbiosis of an environmentally friendly means of transport and the complementary user-friendly application with a personalized approach, adapted to the concept of hop & go rental. 

The idea was to create a product that is resilient, robust, safe for users and in terms of theft, and a product that can cope with almost any hill without any problems. 

Application connects the car and the user via an NFC or QR code scan and requires registration and selection of the payment method for the service (Google / Apple pay or credit card). 

It allows the user to personalize the content according to the given parameters and provide information about local sights and events (such as concerts, theater performances, etc.) according to the location of the scooter base.

It also shows the location of the charging station and the number of available scooters, their battery status, and in addition, driving speed and the minutes spent in rental. Due to our company’s mission, we plan to develop machine learning that would allow the scooter to develop its own senses in the environment, and the application personalization using these tools.