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25 October to 7 November 2020
The first Croatian electric scooter was produced
E-scooters are designed for tourists who do not want to worry about traffic jams and the parking spaces.
Zagreb Startup Creates First Croatian Electric Scooter
The first Croatian electric scooter, associated mobile application, and charging station are part of the Rolla project by the Croatian company Iddi. And better yet? Everything is made in Croatia.
The first croatian electric scooter is made in startups` garage in Kurilovec
"The first model is there to perform the necessary tests, after which a prototype B will be made with larger tires and a much stronger engine, so that the final product prototype C will provide all the possibilities that its creators imagined..."
18 to 24 October 2020
Bold Rolla always ready for action
Rolla is a synonym for a package consisting of an electric scooter, a charging station and the associated mobile application, created and manufactured in Croatia.
Bold Rolla always ready for action
Iddi products will always be based on high-tech solutions, especially since the plan for the future includes the implementation of artificial intelligence in products.
11 to 17 October 2020
Fifth generation 'Startup factory' teams revealed!
After the selection and competition in front of the expert committee, 19 teams were selected for the program.
Nineteen startups chase 550000KN prize provided by City of Zagreb
The fifth generation of the Startup Factory pre-acceleration program consists of 19 development teams. They have eight weeks of intensive training ahead of them with top mentors, socializing with established startup experts and working in ZICER's stimulating infrastructure.
Smart scooter among others in race for 550000KN
The Rolla project [...] combines technology and tourism, so the team has designed the first Croatian version of the electric scooter with a number of useful functions.
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