Rolla is a system of complementary products developed by young experts for the concept of automated rental. The system consists of three products: electric scooters, a mobile application, and a charging station, all developed by IDDI LLC.

Rolla electric scooter is strong and resistant, with complete wiring hidden inside the frame. Its integrated turn signals ensure safer driving for the user and safety for other participants in traffic. Stronger engine enables smooth driving of up to 20% incline. It is designed specifically to keep maintenance requirements and costs to a minimum.


The mobile application offers navigation and personalized routes that are created separately for each Rolla location, with a short story about each individual cultural / natural landmark, making the system a personal tourist guide for the user. User registration and rental payment (optional) is also carried out via a mobile application.


The charging station is the third and final product that makes the system complete. It is the Base for charging Rolla scooters and also for starting and finishing the rental time. Lock/Unlock function is fully automated. The Base has five parking slots and is also modular, i.e., it can be upgraded depending on the amount of scooters at the Rolla location.

Rolla is the perfect solution for your ride-sharing business (fee is charged per minute via the mobile app), in cities, or within an agency / company for rent.

  • charge your users via mobile app
  • automated system that includes 3 products
  • on-site system installation
  • warranty and support